Kayaking On Nho Que River

From the top of Ma Pi Leng Pass looking down, Nho Que is so peaceful, wild and mysterious. When travellers enjoy Ha Giang Motorbike Tour, most of them only see Nho Que river from the Ma Pi Leng pass and do not have the chance to come down to the river itself. Doing Tour with Epic, you have chance to do Kayaking On Nho Que River.

In other words, most people who visit the Ha Giang Loop don’t get to appreciate it for all its beauty. Fortunately, Ha Giang Epic Tour run by Vietnam Cheers Hostel brings you breath-taking experiences as you try kayaking on Nho Que river and cherishing this “meandering silk ribbon”. By joining Ha Giang Epic Tour, adventure seekers not only visit the loop, but also learn about traditional customs of local people according to their daily unique activities.

kayak on nho que

Kayaking on Nho Que river will definitely be a highlight on your Ha Giang loop Tour in 3 days Epic Ha Giang Motorbike Tour


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