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As a mountainous district in the west of Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi is considered as an indispensable destination with beautiful natural landscapes, vast primaeval forests and picturesque terraced fields or many national-class relics and prodigies.

Located on the upper stream of Chay River and divided by many streams, it is mainly mountainous with steep slopes. This is where 12 ethnic groups of local people inhabitate for many years, of which the Nung, Dao, Tay, Mong, La Chi are the majority. Hoang Su Phi truly astonishes travellers by its vast space opening up ahead with identical mountains of Tay Con Linh in foggy and primaeval forests between the tributaries of the Chay and Bac rivers of ancient tea fields. One of the most amazing things is terraced fields on the slopes spreading to the horizon.

As mentioned above, the terrain is strongly divided in Hoang Su Phi. Therefore, sub-regions of climate, soil or natural landscapes are so diverse. The answer is you might find joy in every season a year. Springtime is when many unique festivals are held. This is also the season for visiting peach gardens, pears and tea hills. Especially, the rice transplanting process occurs in pour water season between April and Jun. From mid-September every year, it is harvest seasons of the Northern mountainous provinces in general and Hoang Su Phi terraces in particular. Hoang Su Phi is the most favourite because of its untouchable beauty.

Hoang Su Phi Mua Nuoc Do
Ruong Bac Thang Thong Nguyen Huyen Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang

When the winter of the North comes at the end of the year, Tay Con Linh and Chieu Lau Thi are ideal places to hunt cloud and snow and conquer more remote parts.

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